Shareholders Agreement

A shareholders agreement sets out the key terms governing the relationship among shareholders. The shareholders’ agreement should set out the following terms:

  • Matters relating to board meetings, voting, and shareholder control over the board
  • Matters relating to shareholder meetings, and voting
  • A set of reserved matters
  • Restrictions on share issuance and share transfers
  • Shareholder undertakings
  • Provisions if a shareholder defaults on the agreement
  • Termination provisions

Whist there are many template shareholders agreement available online, it is generally advisable to allow a lawyer to review the final terms of the shareholders agreement before it is executed. The terms of the shareholders agreement generally bind you for the life-time lifetime of the company – so it is worth getting it checked. At Founders Doc, we provide you with a tailored template shareholders’ agreement — essentially a preliminary draft that you can work off. This should set you off on a good footing if you have experience negotiating one. But if you don’t, feel free to contact us so that we can reach out to our start up friendly advisers.

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