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our start up lawyer, Rachel Wong

Legal Workshop for Early Stage Companies | Founders Doc

Legal Workshop

Suitable for Early Stage Companies

You have an idea and want to launch a business. You don’t need a law firm, but you would like to have a sense of what legal documents you need to have and the common pitfalls that you should steer clear of. We are here to provide a legal workshop for you to give you a low-down on legal 101s.

Legal Health Check for Companies Looking To Fundraise | Founders Doc

Legal Health Check

Suitable for Companies Looking to Fundraise

Does the term “due diligence” sound familiar to you? Prior to the completion of an investment, a due diligence exercise is often conducted by sophisticated investors on target companies. So that your fundraising journey is a smoother ride, it may be useful to fix any red flag issues so that you pick these up before your investors do.

Legal Boot Camp for Growth Stage Companies | Founders Doc

Legal Boot Camp

Suitable for Growth Stage Companies

Congratulations! You’re looking to grow your product or service, and would like someone to cast an eye on your legal documents. We can work with you to do a ‘sense check’ of your legal documents and clean it up, if need be. We can also work with you to implement guidelines moving forward, so that you feel more protected.

Legal Helpline If Something Doesn’t Feel Right | Founders Doc

Legal Helpline

If Something Doesn’t Feel Right

If you have specific issues, such as a person trying to impersonate your brand or an employee that is leaking confidential information, our legal helpline is your first port of call and we’d be happy to chat with you from there. We can then refer you to a suitable toolkit for a low cost solution, or put you in touch with a suitable law firm that can attend to your matter.

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