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Founding Team

We review and provide template founder agreements and assist with incorporation matters. We also advise on more complex matters such as employee share option plans and structuring matters. We also review and provide template advisor agreements for your board of advisers.

Template Employment Agreements | Founders Doc


We review and provide template employment agreements for employees, including interns, part-time employees, or full-time employees. We also work with you to protect IP developed by your company, to prevent a leak of confidential data, and develop effective HR strategies.

Template Commercial Agreements | Founders Doc


We review and provide template commercial agreements, such as distributor agreements, customer agreements and standard terms and conditions. We also work with you to curate strategy papers to mitigate commercial challenges, such as parallel importing and risks involved in pilot projects.

Template Privacy Policies, Website Terms and Conditions | Founders Doc


We review and provide template privacy policies, website terms and conditions and cookie policies. We also curate strategies to manage challenges associated with influencer platforms, taking into account the PR elements.

Template Joint Venture Agreements | Founders Doc


We review and provide template joint venture agreements, collaboration agreements and engagement letters, to ensure that the terms of collaboration are clear and that all issues have been thought through.

All-in Package | Legal Services| Founders Doc

All-in Package

We can act as your temporary in-house counsel in respect of a fixed scope of legal services e.g. liaison with overseas counsel as you expand overseas and enter new markets or providing ad-hoc legal advice.

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