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We provide legal services to early-stage companies in Southeast Asia.

From Southeast Asia, For Southeast Asia.

We are Southeast Asian startup lawyers who specialise in supporting early-stage companies and founders between the pre-seed and Series C stages.

Our Founder

Founders Doc was founded in March 2021 by Rachel Wong.

Rachel graduated from King’s College, London in 2013, with First Class Honours. Since then, she practised in top tier international and local law firms in the fields of Corporate M&A, as well as private equity.

She felt that there was a gap in the market and that ambitious early-stage founders could be better represented and supported in Southeast Asia. With this in mind, Founders Doc was born.

Rachel Wong

We are a startup because we are exploring ways to re-define how lawyers and clients interact. We want to simplify the legalese, so that you understand what you’re signing.

We are also a startup because we are building B2B tools that we think can be helpful for fellow lawyers, company secretaries and paralegals.

We are a startup

Frequently Asked Questions

We are based in Singapore! That said, we have a wide network of contacts in Southeast Asia and we will be happy to support your regional goals – in particular, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam.


What differentiates us from other (alternative) legal service providers is that we ensure the person giving you legal advice holds a valid practising certificate (or the equivalent in its jurisdiction) if and when dispensing legal advice.

This is important since legal is a complicated arena, and it is important that the lawyers that serve you not only graduated from law school, but specialise in startup law and are qualified to give you the advice in the right jurisdiction.  

We take pains to make this happen.

As a rule of thumb, we only service founders and early-stage companies. We make a handful of exceptions in very rare situations.

We prefer to stick to this principle, to avoid any conflict of interests. Also, we get a little jealous when we are on the opposite side of the table. We are a big fan of good startup founders.

We service early-stage companies and founders in their pre-seed to Series C stages.

We believe that it is important that our clients hold the same principles that we do. We like clients who are decisive, enjoyable to work with, ambitious and honest. That means a lot to us.

We are building a Founders Doclite version, where we will be offering reasonably priced templates below S$500. Stay tuned!

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