As your company expands, it may be time to review your legal documents and re-calibrate your business risks.

See us as your temporary in-house counsel. We promise not to make changes for the sake of it – and to deal with commercial risks in a reasonable manner.

We know that business arrangements take different forms and sizes. If you have an agreement that you want to be reviewed by a trusted lawyer, but isn’t listed below, contact us so we can understand your needs.

Enhance Your Business, Calibrate Your Risks

1. Terms & Conditions

Some startups adopt a simple set of terms and conditions at the start – often, mirroring the terms and conditions used by similar industry players. As the business grows and attracts market validation, there may be certain recurring business risks that founders wish to address. That’s where we step in, and fine-tune your terms like a mechanic.

In other circumstances, experienced founders are looking to develop a unique business model and hope to have the assurance the website terms are in order. We try our best to understand the business model and risks associated with it – and start drafting from there.

2. Collaboration Agreement

Many collaborations start off with a handshake – though there are circumstances that call for a simple legal documentation to be in place.

These situations arise when the collaboration in place is a high value one; or when you are dealing with an institutional player whose legal team requires a more comprehensive document to be set in stone. That’s where we come in.

3. Collaboration Agreement

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3. Distributorship Agreement

As more companies enter emerging Southeast Asian markets, some choose to collaborate with local distributors who know the market better.

If you are planning to find a distributor, we can help you with the distributorship agreement. This agreement accords rights to the distributor to resell your goods and services. Hence, it should include key points such as the pricing, whether the contractor will sell exclusively, etc.

Our lawyers have experience drafting both domestic as well as regional distributorship agreements to ensure your business proceeds smoothly. If you are unsure of what to include, we’ll advise you on issues to consider and an arrangement that works best for your commercial interest.

4. Influencer Engagement Agreement

To improve brand awareness, your startup may look toward engaging influencers to advertise your brand.

In these circumstances, some companies may request for an influencer engagement agreement detailing the terms and conditions of the engagement to reduce the scope for misunderstanding. More importantly, if you have a specific marketing strategy, defining mutually agreed terms helps the influencer understand how and what to produce.

Make the most of your marketing plan by fixing any legal loopholes in your influencer agreement – we can assist you by tailoring your agreement to your social media strategy.

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