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Getting your startup’s foundations right goes a long way – we help you achieve this by producing essential company documents. We also advise you on key company documents you may need as your startup grows.

Having worked with Southeast Asian founders and startups, we know common issues they face as well as what a stable legal foundation looks like. This helps us understand what you need and produce it for a cost-effective price.

Kickstart Your Startup Confidently

1. Founders Agreement

Founder disputes happen more often than one would prefer. To safeguard against lengthy and costly disputes, a founders agreement that details points such as leaver options, duties and responsibilities, could be helpful to prevent a full-blown dispute.

Every startup has a different culture – that’s why we tailor every founders’ agreement to reflect the tone that the founders hope to convey.

2. Shareholders Agreement

A shareholders agreement is not always needed. However, it is useful to have this in place when you have investors holding shares or multiple shareholders on the cap table.

The shareholders agreement sets out the rules of engagement, such as how share transfers and share issuances are dealt with, how disputes are dealt with and what specific matters need approval.

A shareholders agreement is like your fingerprint – no two shareholders’ agreement should look alike if thoughtfully drafted.

3. Constitution

Generally speaking, all companies in Singapore need a constitution, regardless of whether a shareholders agreement is in place – otherwise known as the memorandum and articles of association in some countries.

As a constitution is a public document, we will care not to put any sensitive or confidential information in it. There are also some things that have to be reflected in a constitution as well such as share class rights.

4. Share Vesting Letter

A share vesting letter can either be forward-looking or backwards-looking. The exact terms will depend on the circumstances that parties are in, and what makes sense for parties at that time.

There are usually some points that are left for negotiation – such as the price and terms that the shares are bought back at and by whom.

Share vesting letters can either be time-based or milestone-based/performance-based, both of which we can also help you prepare.

5. Investment Agreement

A put & call option usually comes with a share subscription agreement where shareholders are given the right to buy and sell their stocks under certain conditions.

As your company welcomes more investors, offering such options can make your startup more attractive as an avenue to invest.

Our team usually produces such agreements from scratch alongside share subscription agreements. However, we also provide advice in the case your existing put & call option has any legal issues or areas for improvement.

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We are built for fast-growing early stage companies and ambitious founders between their pre-seed and series C stages. We provide you with the support you need before you hire your own in-house legal counsel (or an expensive law firm for complex restructuring).

We also like to work with people that we like. That’s why it means a lot to us when our clients are decisive, enjoyable to work with, ambitious, and honest at the same time!

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