If you aren’t sure of what documents you need, we can support you with tips on how to improve your legal health, so you can focus on growing your business.

We also try to adopt the ‘lean’ approach where we align the documents that we draft with the stage of your company.

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1. Create Bespoke Documents

Often, startups knock on our door because they’d like a document tailored for their business, or when they can’t find a template that suits their business needs.

This usually happens when the founders already know what they want, or have specific requirements to meet. That’s when we are here to assist.

2. Review Existing Documents

Many early stage companies start off by downloading a template online and populating the details. They may be unsure about what the document says and just find document headers that look about right.

As the company grows and matures, there may come a point when the company decides that they need certain documents reviewed. This may be to calibrate their business risks or to deal with specific issues that have arisen in their business from time to time.

That’s when we come into the picture. We try not to revolutionise your document unless dearly necessary.

3. Non-Disclosure Agreement

Who knew that there could be an art to non-disclosure agreements? Surprisingly, there are quite a few things to tweak and consider – from mutual to unilateral, the list goes on.

Startups, such as ourselves, that deal with highly confidential information prefer to have some assurance that the counter-party has a hard obligation to keep the information confidential.

That’s where we step in. We’ll look at your current terms, or create new ones for you.

Bespoke Services are available on order. Contact us to find out more.

how we work

We are built for fast-growing early stage companies and ambitious founders between their pre-seed and series C stages. We provide you with the support you need before you hire your own in-house legal counsel (or an expensive law firm for complex restructuring).

We also like to work with people that we like. That’s why it means a lot to us when our clients are decisive, enjoyable to work with, ambitious, and honest at the same time!

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