Working with Lawyers to Provide You With
The Legal Tools in Your Fundraising Exercise

Investor Management | Founders Doc

Investor Management

Cost: Starts from S$800++

Fundraising typically starts with a teaser deck. Interested investors will then either request a term sheet that typically translates into an investor agreement or a shareholders agreement. We assist you in all stages of the fundraising exercise.

Capital Raising Exercise | Founders Doc

Capital Raising Exercise

KISS instruments, SAFE notes, CARE agreements or Subscription Note – which instrument should you use in your initial fundraising exercise? We provide advice and guidance on this.

Exit Strategy | Founders Doc

Exit Strategy

If you’re looking for an exit strategy, we can assist with the sale of your stake in a growth stage company and the negotiation of the terms of your exit.

Risk Management | Founders Doc

Risk Management

You might want to manage your risk exposure by issuing call options, put options or seeking guarantee instruments. We can walk you through what these are, how they work and whether they are suitable for your venture.

Due Diligence | Founders Doc

Due Diligence

Investors may require legal due diligence to be conducted, which we can help to facilitate. Alternatively, we can prepare a vendor due diligence report which will make your company more attractive from an investor standpoint.

Package Deal | Founders Doc

Package Deal

Are you embarking on a fundraising exercise? We can tailor a suite of services for you for a fixed monthly rate. It will also be important to decide how much information to share, the mode of distribution, and at what stage.

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