🤔Execution of Deeds📑

As it remains unclear whether an ‘electronic seal’ will hold its weight in court, we encourage startups to continue pasting that round circular red sticker, until we get further clarity from the Parliament or the Courts. 🦭

Loopholes in a Co-founder’s Agreement that Most Startups Miss Out 😟

Co-Founder disputes happen quite often among startups. One way to navigate this is by implementing a structured Co-Founder Agreement! 😊  In this video, startup lawyer Rachel Wong explains the importance of a Co-Founder’s Agreement and what Founders need to take note of when writing it. 

Depp vs Heard – Workplace Edition! 👊🏻

Are you team Johnny Depp, Amber Heard or neither? 🗣️  In this video, startup lawyer Rachel Wong and disputes lawyer Suang Wijaya, explain what founders, or victims need to keep in mind regarding misconduct in the startup workplace. 🤔 

Signing a SAFE? We’ve got your back 💌

As you move forward in your fundraising journey, startup founders are bound to come across the Simple Agreement for Future Equity, or the SAFE for short. 📖 Find out the different types of SAFEs and when a SAFE converts in this video!

👜 Legal Documentation 👠

Legal documentation is like lipstick.💄 This International Women’s Day, let Founders Doc give you the finishing touches! 💅🏻